Monday, September 2, 2013

Rock me momma....

There is this little {best kept secret} Thrift Store in Pennsylvania where my family is from...Christy knows EXACTLY what I am talking about....let's just call this "special little place"..."RWB". 

I had picked up two {kid} wooden rocking chairs a few months back...I think I paid $3.50 each...which is high for what you normally pay at this place...but they were SO cute I couldn't help myself!!

I had been meaning to paint them...but just never got around to it {story of my life}...but then a couple weeks ago, while "yard-saling" with a friend, I came across another little wooden rocking chair!  The lady was asking $5...but of course, walked away with only paying $3.  So here I have 3 little rocking chairs that I paid about $10 for...

I was going to paint them gray...then teal....then I was thinking yellow....well...THEN I finally decided to not paint them matching at all, but rather paint them each a different "funky" and "bright", here you go!

First, I took them outside and gave them a good scrub-down.  After letting them dry {or shall I say "bake"} in the hot summer sun, I started to spray!


After a coat, I let dry overnight and took them out the next day to give another coat.

Here is how then turned out!  I love them!