Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Finds Friday #2

It's been awhile since we've posted.  Thanks to the cuh-razy summer we're having.  

Last year, we were busy busy busy with little trips here and there.  This year, we have almost no trips, but somehow my kids have managed to fill my mornings with an actual SCHEDULE.  Yes, places to be during the week... running club, tutoring, piano lessons, morning Bible studies, swim camp... sometimes at 8am.  Seriously?  So much for sleeping in.  At least I can say that my kids are not glued to the TV 16 hours a day.... just afternoons.  LOL

Summer is supposed to be ultra lazy.... what happened to that?  

Well, after the morning craziness, I've been trying to do some projects in my free afternoons.  

As you have seen in a few of my recent posts, one new find I just adore is this.... 


I found it here on Amazon.  It's sold as a two-pack (but that's not a problem... you'll find MANY ways to use it, I'm sure.)  In fact, I think they may even have a special buy 3, get one free deal right now.  

It's by the MacBeth Collection, and once you click on the link, you'll even see that there are other cool options... like giraffe and chocolate zebra.  Awesome!
I used the turqouise/white chevron print in my daughter's bedroom in her dresser drawers.  Such a cute little touch (and it matched the chevron magnet board I made for her too!)

Then, when I repainted the dresser for in the living room, I added the gray chevron shelf liner to the drawers... again, for that touch of "cool" when you open a drawer.

I love it!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Great Minds Think Alike

I've had this one wall in our family room that I've been unhappy with.   I had a sofa table there, but it sat pretty low for a 9' wall.  Granted, it was a $10 yard sale find that I painted black... so for awhile, it worked just fine.

This photo doesn't even really convey what I mean... there are probably 1-2 more feet above that mirror that aren't shown.  

So for the last few months, I've been on the lookout for a tall piece of furniture... something with drawers.  Even a dresser.  

When I saw Lizzie's post about her redoing a dresser (for what is the SAME EXACT wall in my house... we have the same model home), I knew I needed to do it for sure.  

I wanted something about the same width as the table, but something taller.  I found this $50 dresser at the local Restore (I LOVE that store!!)  
Sorry I had already removed the drawers when I finally took the photo.  It was a four drawer old dresser.

So I did the same thing as with my daughter's dressers... I made my own "chalk paint" by throwing a little grout into the black flat paint.
After three coats of paint, I did a little distressing on the corners and top, and topped it all off with furniture wax. (Oh I love that stuff!!)  Then I exchanged the drawer pulls to this little brushed nickels one (found at Amazon for cheap).
Much better in that location.  I hope to exchange the mirrors at some point with a big focal point (one big mirror or clock or something)... but for now, it works.  Better than the short sofa table.  

Of course, I had to add a tiny bit of pizzazz inside too... grey chevron shelf liner!! 

And where did that sofa table go?  Well, behind the sofa, of course.  And a certain little puppy just loves the new higher elevation sitting spot.  :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's White....It's Black...

I was so tired of looking at my plain old white door (the one that leads to my garage)...I had even at one point had pictures and my kids "artwork" posted on it with magnets.  I got tired of wiping down the little dirty finger prints of sticky popsicle, mud, and, I decided to "paint it black"....with CHALKBOARD paint!!! 

I know it's nothing new, and you've probably seen it on Pinterest a million times, but it's the first time for me, so I wanted to post!

Now, with our new "chalkboard door", we have the best of both worlds....still magnetized, so I can still hang my little Picasso's art....but it's also black, so you can't see the evidence of little munchkins....AND, an extra can WRITE on it!  Genius!!  =)

I painted about 4-5 VERY thin coats while my kids were here ya go!!

Plain (yet dirty) BEFORE picture....(sorry for the crappy iPhone pics!!)

AFTER pictures....I wrote a message to the hubby so he can see it on his way out the door in the morning!

Here is another one...I wrote for the Thirty-One meeting we had at my house!