Monday, June 10, 2013

Ground Beef? Wow, you really CAN blog about anything!

Well, today's post is a little "off the wall" REALLY off the wall, actually!  Yep, I am going to tell you a little story about some beef.  Yes, I said BEEF.  Hold onto your seats,'s post is a doozy!

I don't know about you, but I buy my meat in BULK.  Like...."HELLO COSTCO!" kind of bulk.

When I buy my ground beef I break it up into freezer bags and store it in the deep freezer...but, I usually put it in bags in a "ball" yes, it's like a "ball-o-frozen-beef".  Eww. 

Wellllll, you see, this caused a little bit of a dilemma.  When you try to freeze and store 20 "balls-o-frozen-beef", it takes up "a-lot-o-room". A-NNOY-ING.

That was until my Mom came to the know that saying "mom knows best"?  Well, it's true...really, it is.  My Mom pointed out to me that I need to start freezing my ground beef FLAT.  As in like a pancake.  Yep, that's right; instead of putting a big hunk of ground beef into your freezer to take up a bunch of FLATTEN your beef.  Was that a Freudian slip?  =)  So now, not only do you save room in your freezer, but it thaws faster, your freezer bags have less air {which means none of those ice crystals}...and, it's nice and neat!!  Who wouldn't want that?  I mean, don't YOU want the best for your beef?

Here's what I'm talkin' 'bout...

These two pictures are how I would have normally frozen my beef....(I would have removed as much air as possible, then zipped the bag...obviously.) is where it get's REAL. so.
Wow, crazy, right?

OMG.  I can't believe I just took the time out of my life to blog about how you can freeze your meat.  Gross.  Sorry to all you vegetarians out there.  But "HEEEEYYY" to all you space-savers!  =) {and meat-eaters}

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