Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Finds Friday #2

It's been awhile since we've posted.  Thanks to the cuh-razy summer we're having.  

Last year, we were busy busy busy with little trips here and there.  This year, we have almost no trips, but somehow my kids have managed to fill my mornings with an actual SCHEDULE.  Yes, places to be during the week... running club, tutoring, piano lessons, morning Bible studies, swim camp... sometimes at 8am.  Seriously?  So much for sleeping in.  At least I can say that my kids are not glued to the TV 16 hours a day.... just afternoons.  LOL

Summer is supposed to be ultra lazy.... what happened to that?  

Well, after the morning craziness, I've been trying to do some projects in my free afternoons.  

As you have seen in a few of my recent posts, one new find I just adore is this.... 


I found it here on Amazon.  It's sold as a two-pack (but that's not a problem... you'll find MANY ways to use it, I'm sure.)  In fact, I think they may even have a special buy 3, get one free deal right now.  

It's by the MacBeth Collection, and once you click on the link, you'll even see that there are other cool options... like giraffe and chocolate zebra.  Awesome!
I used the turqouise/white chevron print in my daughter's bedroom in her dresser drawers.  Such a cute little touch (and it matched the chevron magnet board I made for her too!)

Then, when I repainted the dresser for in the living room, I added the gray chevron shelf liner to the drawers... again, for that touch of "cool" when you open a drawer.

I love it!!

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