Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's White....It's Black...

I was so tired of looking at my plain old white door (the one that leads to my garage)...I had even at one point had pictures and my kids "artwork" posted on it with magnets.  I got tired of wiping down the little dirty finger prints of sticky popsicle, mud, and, I decided to "paint it black"....with CHALKBOARD paint!!! 

I know it's nothing new, and you've probably seen it on Pinterest a million times, but it's the first time for me, so I wanted to post!

Now, with our new "chalkboard door", we have the best of both worlds....still magnetized, so I can still hang my little Picasso's art....but it's also black, so you can't see the evidence of little munchkins....AND, an extra can WRITE on it!  Genius!!  =)

I painted about 4-5 VERY thin coats while my kids were here ya go!!

Plain (yet dirty) BEFORE picture....(sorry for the crappy iPhone pics!!)

AFTER pictures....I wrote a message to the hubby so he can see it on his way out the door in the morning!

Here is another one...I wrote for the Thirty-One meeting we had at my house!

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