Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Interchangeable Wreath...what?

As you may have seen before in some of my pictures, or if we are “facebook friends”, you may have noticed my old “vintage” shutters that I have hanging on my wall in my family room.  Well, a while back {after I initially hung them up}, I thought they were missing something….while I think the shutters themselves are beautiful just the way they are, they looked a little “plain” hanging on my wall….I just felt they were a little “random”…SO, I thought…”what can I do to these without compromising the “integrity” of these AWESOME vintage/shabby shutters”??

Why, what other than to hang a WREATH!?  DUH!  Isn’t that the answer to everything??  Or in the words of Beyoncé, “If you like it then you should have put a ring wreath on it”….oh….wait…..  =)  ….kidding…..
Here is the wreath that I had on there pretty much since Christmas...

So here is that I did {I didn’t want to spend a lot of money…and I wanted something neutral and simple}, so I headed to my local closest AC Moore {which is really something like 25 miles away…}….I perused the aisle of “Spring Wreath’s” they had on sale….{for $19.99 I even picked one out, which I returned later…}…..but then I came to the aisle of “moss”, and “planters foam”, and “faux straw”….and voila!  Right in front of me, for $4.99, was a whole STACK of plain “grapevine” wreaths….so I grabbed one and figured I had enough old {artificial} hydrangeas laying around at home that I could SURELY do something with….
So after I got home, I scrounged around for the {not-currently-being-used} hydrangeas and proceeded to cut the stems off of them so that I could stick them in my new wreath…I literally just shoved them into the “wrap-around” vine, fluffed them up a little bit, and BAM!  Done.
Here it is…AND, the best part about this….is that come FALL, or Christmas, or heck, even July 4th, I can switch out the flowers to be more “festive”!


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