Friday, March 8, 2013

Blue sky turned......Brown!??

Not much of a "blog" here today...but just wanted to share some pics of my most recent project....

If you have ever been in my house, you may notice I like the color lot.  I look around my house and all I see is Brown. Brown. Brown.  Seriously.  You would think I had a problem or it should come to no surprise that I decided to paint my "Boothbay Grey" dining room (which is really a more of a blue than a grey) ....none other than the beautiful color of.........(drum roll please)......BROWN!  Well, "Deep Creek" to be exact.

Why can't I stay away!?!? I should have known better....but either are the "before and after's"... (excuse the poor quality...taken with iPhone)  =)


Another BEFORE:


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  1. Lizzie, I love this... of course, you know my house. It's all brown, too!