Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's Where?

My name is Christy, and I'm a label-oholic.  Yes, if there is a bin, basket, bucket, box, or drawer in my house, most likely it's been labeled (...or will be soon).

I am not THAT obsessed though.  For example, I did draw the line at the powder room.  I figured that not every guest needs to know where the feminine products and toilet paper were hidden.  And, I do not label drawers to wood dressers or cabinets... I desire "pretty" over "well labeled".  {But believe me, if I could make labeled kitchen cabinets look pretty, I probably would.}

When I think of my labeling addiction, I remember a friend of mine, Maureen, who said a post by Catalog Living reminded her of me.  

Here's the post.     

...although, I label with words, not clocks and clipboards.  :)

Recently, we bought a full-size upright freezer to hold our new acquisition of 1/3 of a cow.  It was a bit cluttered and hard to figure out what we had.  So, I bought these bins on Amazon.  They fit perfectly in our freezer, two per shelf.  After loading them up appropriately, I decided it was necessary to label them.  Of course.

Recently while browsing the Better Homes and Gardens website, I found a link to free labels (to print). I printed out what I liked, wrote the words by hand, backed each to a card stock paper, and then laminated.

Popped a hole in each and tied them on with ribbon.

It may seem silly to label a freezer, but now I know where to find each type of meat, without searching all over.

I just realized the green labels even match the very green vegetable bin.  (Yes, I admit... I'm very messed up.)

I wasn't too crazy... the veggie basket is obviously the veggie basket.  And the door... yeah, you can see what's there, too.  Not terribly necessary to label... plus, I was afraid to put stickers on the doors... might be more permanent than I'd prefer.  :)  (OK... the latter reason was the biggee.)

But, while I was printing labels and had the laminator out and ready, I found a few more areas to label.

Here are the medicine bins in my kitchen cabinet:

And the bags holding paper products in my butler's pantry:

And the bags in my closet where I hold kids' shirts that I'm saving (for future quilts):

And yes... I was a Thirty-One consultant.  And yes, I didn't personalize.  Why?  Because I was really bad at figuring out exactly how I was going to use something, and I didn't want to be held to one purpose.  Labels make it easier to switch the purpose later.  I do admit, though, I'd rather see the pretty embroidery.

And one more photo... here is a drawer unit in my closet:

The BHG labels came in quite handy for me, as you can see.  Don't be surprised if I blog later about more labeling.  

Seriously, it's an addiction.

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