Friday, August 16, 2013

Chalkboard Door Fun

On my summer to-do list was "painting the garage interior door".  I wanted to paint the side facing the garage something fun.  Well, while thinking it over, I decided to paint the inside part too.

After asking for my husband's input, we decided to go with chalkboard paint on the whole thing, rather than just semi-gloss black.  I've seen Pinterest photos of just the "raised part" being chalkboard... but decided all black was more our *thing*.

Besides, after seeing Lizzie do the same thing to her inside of the same door (180 flip of my house), I figured it was an awesome idea.  You have no idea how many cool ideas are just sitting in her house, waiting for me to copy.  

Here's her post.

So, I started painting..... yes, no drop-cloth.  I'm impulsive in my painting sometimes.  I decided it was worth it to just have a wet paper towel for drips.  It worked.

 After the door was painted well (three coats), I had the big decision... and even consulted Facebook friends about it too.  Do I prime the WHOLE thing... or just the raised portions?  I got advice on both sides.  I know once a chalkboard is primed, it gets that dirty gray look.  I wasn't sure I could handle it, being so close to the kitchen where I'd see it constantly.  

Maybe I should just forget it's a chalkboard and use the Cricut to write a quote in vinyl instead.  I hate the 6 panel thing though... it's tough to work around with vinyl... especially anything long.

So, first I primed the middle two panels... just to see.  Then I cleaned them with a wet sponge.  I was pleased with the results... so I dove in.  Here's the rest of the door, primed with chalk....
My dog was attracted to the dust... he's attracted to absolutely ANYTHING on the floor, I swear.  Our yard can look like confetti sprinkled over it
... ifyouknowwhatImean.

Then I began tinkering with some doodles.  Here's what I cranked out in 20 minutes before having to head out to a friend's house.  After that discussion on Facebook, I figured I needed to show my decision, and this is the photo I posted.

When I came home, I decided it needed more.  So, I searched for more inspirational quotes/thoughts/verses.... and various colors of chalk.

I had a grand ol' time!!

Oh, yeah... it's covered.

Yeah, I'll get tired of reading this after awhile.  

Yeah, it's chalk so it'll eventually get smudged and messy... and there will be chalk dust around.

However, it's fun and inspirational.  It's just chalk!  Thus, I can erase it whenever I want.  And chalk dust is easy to clean with a wet paper towel on hardwood.  :)

So, let it be known that in my neutral, non-cluttered, grown-up-looking, non-flashy home, there is one little corner of whimsy.

And yes, maybe SOMEDAY I'll erase it all and actually let the kids use it, too.  LOL

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