Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quick Little Table Repaint

While I was painting the door... while waiting for each coat to dry... I did another little project on my kitchen island.

When I made-over my daughter's room with the teal accents, I noticed the need for a little cabinet.  She had a Target pressed-board-drawer-unit-that-had-seen-better-days as a catchall for some craft things.  I found this in the local ReStore for $15.
The paint on top was worn, and the drawers banged up, but that gives it character.  Inside we found a keyboard "A" key, and behind the drawers, a dress sock.  Guess they stored socks and computer parts in there???

Just a few coats of paint and a little chevron shelf paper (again)....

And, it's ready for her room!  So much better than a Target storage unit.  Next trip to Hobby Lobby or Home Depot, and we'll switch the knobs for something cuter.

A cute little basket would just perfect the unit... gotta keep on the lookout for the right size.  

My daughter and I just picked up a solid pine end table at a yard sale this morning for $5 to put next to her "free" reading chair.  Her room is almost done.  :)  Good thing, because school starts soon and my free time will be gone.

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