Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She put the cork in the frame, and hung it all up

I don't know WHY, but I have that song, "She put de lime in de coconut, and drank it all up"...{or however it goes} stuck in my head!!!!!......hence the title of this post... =)

ANYWAY, that's neither here nor there...what IS here and there is this mirror that I re-vamped into a cork board. 

I had a mirror sitting in by basement closet since we've moved into this house.  It's just been sitting there...patiently waiting for me to DO SOMETHING with it.

I think I had gotten this mirror at Home Goods...probably 6 years ago...but I remember getting it for super cheap because there was a small {and I mean small} scratch on the corner of the mirror.  Hey, I am not going to turn down a discount!

SO anyway...I had no use for this as a mirror...and I didn't want to hang it up somewhere just for the sake of hanging it up...so, I waited until this fine day to make it into something USEFUL.....a CORKBOARD!!  Whoop Whoop!

This was actually more work than I thought...as I had to unglue all these support blocks that were keeping the mirror snug to the backing.  So after I pried them all off, I got to work!

Started with wiping the years worth of dust off the frame, then painting a coat of paint...waiting for it to dry overnight...then....here comes the fun part....putting the cork in!

I had an old corkboard with the original {pressboard} frame {broken}...so I took the remainder of the frame off and just used the cork!  It fit PERFECTLY!!!  So, I reused some of those old support blocks to make sure the cork was snug to the frame, and viola!

Of course, I got too excited and forgot to take before pics...so just use your imagination when you see the silver frame {yes, there used to be a mirror in it!}

Here is the semi-before picture...I had already taken the mirror out and set the cork in {to make sure it fit}.

 After a couple coats of paint, and some cute fleur-de-lis push pins, the final product!

Have you done anything cool with YOUR cork??  =)

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