Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funny the Things that Make me Happy....

Warning:  There is Potty Talk in this blog post.

So, as I get older, sometimes it's the simple things in life that make me smile...

Like, say... a clean toilet.

Here's my problem.

We moved into our house with a well two years ago and were warned that some wells can dredge up some pretty gross-looking, though potable, water.

The first week, the water was great... clear, clean.

Then week two hit.... every sink, every toilet, every shower and tub spewed brown water.  Ick.  Well, it took another week or two of calling/setting-up-appointments/ordering, but we eventually got a water softener/filter system and the water is now clear again.

Unfortunately in those couple of weeks, this is what happened to EVERY. SINGLE. TOILET.

I was so embarrassed to have friends over... I never wanted them to use our bathrooms.

This toilet is "clean".  Yes, it's been scrubbed and cleaned with cleaner and a brush.  You could never tell, though.  Those streaks are the brown "rusty" water marks from the first month of living in this house.

I thought we were destined for gross toilets till we could afford to replace them all.  Then my friend Courtney recommended the "pumice stone".  I assumed all pumice stones were for that hard calloused skin on your heels!

Nope... the Pumie Pumice Stone came to the rescue.

Here is the half-way point in our Master bath.  Shocking how easy it was to rid the toilets of those gross brown/orangey rings.  The stone wears down as you scrub... and slowly rounds at the top, so it's easier to get it where you need it.

I apologize for posting photos of TOILETS on the blog, but seriously I had to share this little tool.  It's awesome!  Granted, cleaning five toilets on Saturday was not my idea of a fun time... but the results just make me happy.  

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