Friday, February 8, 2013

A "Neu" Calendar

So, I found this neat little website that offers a new way to do calendars.  Instead of the traditional month-by-month, Sunday-Saturday calendars that we are all used to, NeuYear offers a different take.

In a 27"x39" poster, they lay out the entire year for you to view at once.  The weeks are arranged Monday through Sunday so that the weekends are all together.  AND, the cool thing is that the days just continue through the weeks with no breaks between months.  

Thus, when you want to record a week's vacation that overlaps two months, it's easy to see and do that.  

They offer two styles.  One that is dry erase and one that is plain paper.  We went with the plain paper version so that I don't accidentally erase my plans (and so that I can fit a lot in each box with a pencil point... dry erase markers are too thick).

My intent was to hang it on the door, but it seemed a bit big for that (though it did fit, technically).  So, we rearranged the office wall to fit the calendar.  But now it just looked like a poster on the wall... see the Command adhesive tabs?

I set out to make a frame.  But for cheap!  A wooden-frame poster frame cost $50+ everywhere I looked.  So, I went to the Restore and found three 6' strips of moulding for $3.15 (after tax).  :)

I used my little mitre box and saw and made a poster frame.  I sprayed it Heirloom White to match the other frames in the room.

Instead of buying a heavy backing, like plywood, I just bought foam sheets and glued the frame to the back.  I wanted it to be very lightweight on the wall, and I was simply sticking a poster to it.  So, here is the final product.  Now the calendar looks a bit nicer and should last through the year, rather than just taped to the wall where it can get bumped and have its corners torn.

I love the calendar.... just wish it came with boxes in a color other than turquoise.  :)  But I think we'll manage.

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  1. Very cool! I do love the idea of being able to see the whole year at a glance!