Monday, February 4, 2013

The Wrath of the Wreath...

If you are like me, you get on Pinterest to look for something (kind of) specific, then end up searching (and repinning, and repinning, and repinning) things you never knew existed!

One of my "To Do's" has been this burlap wreath that I keep seeing over and over (and over...)  So I thought..."this must be a sign!?....Not only do I keep seeing this same wreath, but it's made out of BURLAP, and that's also the name of our blog!"

So I made this wreath...(and mind you, it looks NOTHING like the wreath I "repinned").  The wreath I repinned was MUCH more attractive and MUCH more uniform!  I am thinking that the picture I saw on Pinterest had more "layers"...whereas I only used ONE "layer" (which is actually a wire coat hanger as you will see in my pictures below)...and believe it or not, I followed the SAME exact instructions!

So here is what I did.....

I took one of my husband's old wire hangers that he had left over from the dry cleaners...I took a pair of pliers and "unwrapped" the hanger, then bent it (as best I could) into a round "circle" (HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS!!)

Then I took my burlap and cut it into strips that were not wider than 12 inches....then folded them in half and proceeded to "cinch" the burlap onto the hanger....(again, HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS!)

So I repeated the above step about 4 more times (yes, believe it or not, there is actually a lot of burlap on this wreath)...then when I gave up got to the point where I thought the wreath could pass as "finished", I tied an off white piece of burlap to the top to try and hide the imperfections (which there are MANY)!

So here is the "final" I said...this was much harder than it seemed, and honestly I got quite frustrated.  I wanted mine to look as good as that picture that kept haunting me in my "Pinterest Dreams"...but...well....sometimes I guess you just have to accept defeat!  ha!

Does anyone else have tips to make these???


  1. Looks like you just need more fabric. And patience. lol

  2. I have a friend who made this and had the same problem. She scraped that whole thing and purchased burlap on a roll, and instead of the coat hanger she used a wire form wreath. Twice as easy and ten times prettier! Good luck, Pinterest is driving us all mad!! :-)

  3. I've heard of people using the wire form wreath and making bubbles with the burlap. I always just "tie" strips onto the wreath form, myself. So, it's not bubbly... but "fringy". Sorry, making up my own words today.

  4. Girl! Why didn't you ask me for help on this?!