Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Laundry Baskets for the Kitchen?

So, our laundry room is in the upstairs of this house.  I love that fact!  However for seven years, we had a laundry room on the main floor.  

That made throwing kitchen towels into the laundry rather easy.  Here, we have to take all dirty towels upstairs... which is why I try to fill up a basket before I do the wash.  I've been trying to find some cool way to have clean towels on our counter for easy access... AND to have a nice way to hold the dirty ones, too.  After trying a painted popcorn tin, which looked creative, we realized the long-lasting wet towels were slowly rusting out the bottom.  So, we needed something airy to allow the towels to dry quickly.

And knowing my mildly OCD brain well, I realized that just using what I had on hand ... or only buying one ... and having a non-matched set would've driven me nuts would not have set well with me.  I like symmetry.

So, I've been on a quest to find two identical wire baskets that would fit the bill... not too small, not too large.  

I found them!!

As I was meandering around Hobby Lobby last week, they were stocking shelves with the new spring goodies.  These were just placed out.  Yes, and 30% off too.  How completely awesome that they came with chalkboard fronts, too.  :)  No denying which basket is for which towels.  I cannot remember the exact cost, but I believe it was around $25 for two with the 30% off.

Here's the basket for the other side of the sink.

These are the baskets.  Flowing left-to-right (can you see my teaching tendencies?), you pick up the clean towels and later deposit the dirty ones in the right side basket.

With two handles, it'll make for easy transport to the laundry room later.

You can probably find many other options, but this was what I wanted.  Solid metal containers worried me with rust; wood and wicker could get smelly with extended use with wet towels; and plastic just wouldn't look nice.  The metal basket was a perfect option.

Hope this inspires some new ways to hold/collect towels in the kitchen.  Please share your suggestions! We'd love to hear them.

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