Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Buckets

It's Valentines time again!  If you ever followed my old blog, Life Made Interesting, you may remember these Valentine Buckets.

Well, it was time to pull them out again on February 1.

Every morning, I put something new into the bucket.  Now, ideally, the kids would remove their goodies each day and leave the bucket empty.... but I suppose I should be glad the stuff isn't everywhere.  You can see who was happy to see the Cracker Jacks yesterday.  

In addition to adding a new goodie each day, I also occasionally put out a cute Valentine riddle.  

It's not much, but this is how we celebrate Valentines here.  A little something fun (ala Advent Calendar style).  

I know Target often offers these types of buckets in the dollar section.  And the goodies are usually simple... pencils, glowsticks, candy, post-it notes, etc.  On the last day, Valentine's Day, it's usually a little bigger... a pair of earrings for the girls, a yo-yo or foam plane for the boys.  You could even do something like a special cupcake on the 14th.  

I know we're already almost a week in, but you could always do this for a week leading up to V-Day.  :)

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