Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wasted closet (space) turned NOOK!

I love my don't get me wrong when I say this....

I don't know what they were thinking when they designed these houses.  SO much wasted space!  Sometime I feel like there are walls where there shouldn't be...and no wall where there should.  Either way...nothing a handy husband can't fix! 

Okay, I am not going to lie.  My husband drives me crazy sometimes.  Not in a bad's only because he CAN'T. SIT. STILL.  Don't get me wrong...he likes to relax, but if there is a project that needs finishing...the man is relentless.  Seriously. 

So needless to say, the project I am about to show you went fairly quickly considering the amount of time my husband is not home.

Here's what we did.  We had a coat closet straight ahead when you walked in from our garage into the "mudroom" {which really isn't much of a "room"'s more of a "space"}.  Having two kids {maybe more in the future}, we needed to do something to better utilize this space.

We had a 9-cubby cubicle system under the window for almost a year, but honestly, I hated staring at it from the kitchen/family room.  It just made things look cluttered and messy.  Which I hate.  We also had tons of unused space above our "builder-grade-wire-rack" that was driving me nuts.  We have 9-foot ceilings, so about 2-3 feet of space wasn't being utilized!  A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G.

I starting looking on Pinterest {yes, Pinterest AGAIN} for ideas for a "closet nook".  I came across a bunch that I really liked, so I just had to figure out a way to incorporate them all into one design that would work for OUR space.

Day 1: Husband forced me to clean out the closet--I stacked everything up in our dining room {which sat there for a while until I finally went through everything and donated what we didn't use/want anymore}.

Then, he started the demolition {probably his favorite part}...we had a great plan...and I even sketched a drawing...

HOWEVER, we ran into a little snafu.  Not a huge deal, but there was a pipe {to some sort of plumbing} in one of the walls that we were planning on taking, we switched to "Plan B" and left the wall there and worked around it.

ANYWAY...I won't go into great detail {only because I have no idea how he measured everything and how he cut the wood}, but here is essentially what we he did.

-Built up lower "bench" base with 2x4's
-Created a bench {with cubbies} to sit on
-Built shelves up the side {where the wall with the pipe in it was}
-Created shelves on top for overhead storage
-Added wainscoting for a decorative finish
-Added hooks to hand coats/bags/purses/etc...
-Caulked the gaps and painted {a few coats} of semi-gloss white paint.

So here are some "BEFORE" and "AFTER" was actually easy to do and has made a HUGE {like monumental} difference in the way we use this space.




  1. This is amazing!!! So much more practical than before! I turned our closet in the office into a desk because the awkward shape of the room made it impossible to have two desks in an L-shaped room. Who needs a closet in an office anyway?

  2. Send him on up! Our closet looks just like yours... and it needs some help. :) Seriously, it looks awesome!!

  3. LOVE THIS. Can't wait to have you organize my new house (that I haven't found yet).