Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year... A New Blog!!

You found us!  Yes, I'm back, and this time I have a partner to keep me on my toes.  Lizzie is a neighbor of mine, and we share similar passions... crafting & decorating.  And we both love burlap.  Ha!  Thus, since I was known to take long hiatuses on the last blog (oops!)... and she and I share such interests, we're going to try this out again.  

Our new blog is designed to share with you our favorites, things we've created, things we've bought, our newest projects (we both own fairly new homes), occasionally a sneak peek at our families, and our decorating dilemmas and successes.  We own the same model of home... so I'm anxious to see how different our styles can be.  :)

Hope you continue to come back!  We're excited to embark on this new 2013 (and beyond) adventure....

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