Friday, January 4, 2013

And a Fresh New List of Resolutions

It's 2013!  Even though it falls in the middle of winter (with snow on the ground this year) and is typically a sign that school and work are about to start again (okay, ... January is NOT my favorite month...ick), there is something refreshing about a new start.  

Every year, I make resolutions... and every year, I fall short of my goal.  Um, pretty much always that goal is to lose weight.  I like to think that the resolution at least helps to shed those Christmas-cookie-pounds, if nothing else.

This year I decided to do things a tad differently.  First of all, I included the entire family... yep even my husband and four kids.  I found a great little printable at Thirty Handmade Days.  

I printed one for everyone, and on New Year's Eve we filled them out.  I plan to save them all to look at next New Year's Eve.  It's also fun to see what the kids enjoyed in 2012.  Fortunately they made me smile... our little trips we made this year to South Carolina and Tennessee were the favorite memories.  {Whew!  They still enjoy hanging with the family!}

You could create your own to include your own favorites... favorite movie?  favorite song?  favorite singer?  best friends?  Height?  Weight?  Size?  How fun to see how things change over the years!

These sheets are for fun, but I wanted some measurable goals to reach.  That way when the kids are bored or staring at a screen too long, I can remind them of something else to work toward.

I had them each pick three goals for 2013.  One had to be physical, such as running a 5K or making a certain score on the Pacer at their school PE class.  The second had to be charitable, such as helping at the church's Clothing Drive or helping to make a dinner for someone in need.  The last goal was anything they chose.  Funny... all four kids chose to select a certain number of chapter books that should be read within the year.  

We wrote those goals on the back of the sheet.  

To help the kids with the book goal, I made a simple spreadsheet individualized to each child and what they hoped to accomplish.  

The cool thing about this so far is that at least one of my kids has been working hard, every day.  My youngest son has been running to another friend's house and back daily (he's working on a 5K), and he is so excited to write that first chapter book of 2013 down.
Daddy and Mommy also filled them out.  Yep, weight loss was involved again.  Old habits die hard... even those recurring resolutions.  LOL

It's not too late... you still have 361 days left of 2013.  Good luck, and if you have any cool resolutions this year, we'd love to hear them... just comment below!

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