Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keeping it simple....and cheap....

WOW! 19 days into the New Year already!?!  Crazy how time flies…especially as you get “older” {ah-hem}
So I turn 29 this year….actually in a couple days…and LAST year on my birthday I didn’t do much {as usual}, but I made a promise to myself that this year for my birthday I would do something "special"….Just for me and BY me {meaning I didn't want to rely on someone else to make plans for dinner or plan anything "just for my birthday"--basically getting my husband "off the hook"!}.  I was thinking I would go get a massage…or a facial…or some other expensive {and unnecessary} spa treatment….but then I remembered one of my OTHER New Year’s resolutions…………which was to be more frugal!  So that was out the window! 

Anyway, long story short after I decided on no fancy-schmancy spa treatments, I decided to hop on Pinterest and start looking for pampering ideas/beauty tricks, etc.  As I was searching, I stumbled across this list on "Women's Health" that had some interesting things I want to try…I pinned Cheap Makeup Products You'll Love Regardless of the Economy to my board "Just Stuff " (which doesn't have a lot of stuff "pinned" on it, but whatever) favorites from this site are 6,7, 8, 9, 22, & 31...

This past weekend I went to Target (for something completely different) but of course as I walked in, the “health and beauty” stuff was right in front of me…which sparked my memory about the site above.  So I perused the aisles and grabbed a couple things I remembered being on there…  So take a look--you may like what you see!

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