Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: {cheap} Wreaths

What is it about wreaths?  I have a slight addiction to them.  Even my kids notice.  
{"Mom... is that ANOTHER wreath?" is a common expression here.}

Anytime I'm in the mood to crafting absentmindedly (say, while catching up on Downton Abbey or after a long day on my feet), I grab a wreath form and start making something.

Very few of my wreaths have cost a lot.  Granted, I have spent time doing some fancy ones (such as using pheasant feathers and fancy ribbon), but sometimes my favorites use just the simplest of things.

Often all you need is a wreath form and some kind of a cover.  The best part is when I can use the wreath forms found at the dollar store!

Here are a few of my favorites, which are scattered around my house.

Spraypainted Mini Wreath:  
Most of my house is neutral tones, but I tend to use light greens and terra-cotta from time to time to break up the monotones.  This was a wreath bought on sale for 25 cents.  I sprayed it "Terracotta". 

NEED:  A wreath and some spray paint

Burlap and Spraypainted Wreath:  
This was a dollar store find, sprayed Terracotta and tied off with a long strip of burlap and some natural raffia.

NEED:  A wreath form, some spray paint, burlap, raffia

Bookpages Wreath:  
I used a foam wreath base, wrapped it in strips of burlap (to cover the green).  Then I punched out scalloped circles from an old book.  Then each circle was pinned in the center tightly around the wreath to fill it in.  A simple bow finishes it.  This one sits on my hearth in a homemade Pedestal Bowl.

NEED:  foam wreath form, long burlap strips, old book, 1.5" punch, pearl-top pins, ribbon

Balloon Wreath:  
I love this idea!  I got it once-upon-a-time while surfing the web years ago.  (Sorry the source has escaped me.)  Using floral pins, I simply adhered hundreds of balloons to a straw wreath till it was covered.  We use this for birthdays.  Hung on the front door, all visitors know SOMEONE special is having a birthday!

 NEED:  a straw wreath, lots of balloons, floral pins

Green Berry Wreath:
 Okay, this is a cheat.  I bought the wreath as is, simply tying it up with a beautiful brown satin bow.  This is in my brown dining room.  I love the color combo.

 NEED:  A berry wreath, ribbon

Twine Wreath:
  This is a straw wreath form that I found at the local thrift store for $1.  I wrapped it tightly with twine and topped it with a bow.  I did this one today while watching the above-mentioned Downton Abbey.  {I am almost caught up... just finished episode 8 of season 2!!!}

NEED:  straw or foam wreath, twine, ribbon

Coffee Filter Wreath:  
I think this is one of my favorites, if for no other reason than it's just amazing what can come about from a simple pack of coffee filters!  They were pinned (like above in the book pages wreath) onto a foam half-wreath, the kind with a flat back.  I have this one on a large mirror in our front sitting room to break up the large mirror.  

 NEED:  a foam flat-back wreath, brown coffee filters, floral pins, ribbon

Heart Shamrock Wreath:  
This wreath was made using three heart-shaped grapevine wreaths, hot glued together to form a shamrock.  I then dolled it up with some felt shamrocks and green plaid ribbon.... oh, and a touch of burlap.  :)  Find the tutorial HERE.

NEED:  3 heart grapevine wreaths, hot glue, green felt, ribbon/burlap, sticks (for the stem)

Red Burlap Wreath:  
This wreath was made with strips of bright red burlap tied onto a wire-form wreath.  {Beware... this burlap can turn your fingers bright red!!}  Check out the tutorial HERE.

NEED:  wire wreath form, red burlap, natural burlap (for decorations)

Spraypainted Grapevine Wreath:  
I recently saw several of these on Pinterest from multiple sites.  It is just a grapevine wreath, sprayed with Sage Green paint, topped off with my favorite brown satin ribbon.  This wreath is special in that my dad made it YEARS ago from old grapevines in our childhood yard.

NEED:  grapevine wreath, spraypaint, ribbon

I hope this gives you some inspiration on some easy, everyday decorative wreaths.  Have fun (and don't spoil Season 3 for me just yet... I plan to finish up the next few episodes as quickly as possible.)

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