Saturday, January 26, 2013

Turning trash.... Into treasure???

I got this desk a while ago off Craigslist...and, like a lot of things, it's been sitting in my basement storage room waiting for me to paint it!  Seems to be a common theme for me...."if you don't like it, paint it!!" {or if you don't know what to do with it, stick it in the basement}!  Isn't that always the answer?? {my husband would beg to differ---he's a "throw it away or give it away" kind of guy}

Annnyyyywaaaaayyyyy, I saw this for free on Craigslist probably back in the summertime and just had to pick it up. I mean, what's better than FREE projects?!  I liked the shape of the legs and the detail on the front part of the desk...and of course I liked the dark stain on it...because I was thinking "ohhhh, when I paint and distress this, the dark will show through and look soo good".  So here's what I was working with before I started....ewww, right?!

So I picked up a half-full can {would that make me an optimist since I didn't say "half-empty"??} of "country grey" that I had leftover from a former project and got to painting. I admit that I didn't take my time on this piece because after all, it was free an not in terribly great shape to begin with.  I ended up painting two coats...then waited a couple days  {not intentionally, I just didn't have a chance to get back down there} before sanding/distressing. I took my sanding block (handheld) and gently gave the whole piece a quick rub down. I then rubbed it a little more "aggressively" in certain spots to give it a natural "worn" look. Here's how the final project turned out. 

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