Monday, January 21, 2013

Makeover Monday

I've had this chair in my kitchen for geez....AT LEAST the past 8 months?!!  I originally got it with the intentions to paint it every. Other. Wood. Chair. In. My. House.

But for soooommmme reason {I don't know, maybe called Taylor and Stephen} I just couldn't find the time. I guess in a way I'm kinda glad I put it off for so long because I changed my mind on the color....Bottom line was that the chair needed a new coat of paint regardless of what color I painted it.  I mean, look at this...what color is this even considered??? Light Peach fluff?? {I think there is even some pink nail polish on there!}

Like I said before, I originally wanted to paint it black...but I've been trying to incorporate "greens" into my kitchen and family room {keyword: "trying"} so what color better to paint the chair than GREEN?!  Duh!

So I made a trip to my "local" Jo Ann Fabrics and grabbed some spray paint. Thinking about it now Home Depot has a much larger selection of "greens" to choose from {so you may be seeing this chair again (sooner rather than later) for a "re-do" in a more "pleasing-to-the-eye" green....}

Last week we had a couple "warmer-ish" days so I took that as my opportunity to spray away.   Check out the final product's MUCH "brighter" than I would have liked, but whatever---I could have painted it magenta and it would've looked better than the hot mess it was before!!  But, like I said...stay tuned for a re-do!!!

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  1. Lizzie... I love it! A pretty spring green to chase away the dreariness outside right now! :)